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Trump Loses To Obama Again In One Area That Will Piss Him Off To No End



It’s likely not surprising to millions of Americans that President Donald Trump isn’t a man who many admire. Now, there’s mathematical data to back it up.

In what’s a first for the Gallup poll measuring admirability, a first-year president (Trump) has failed to attain the first place spot of “most admired man.”

The poll, which is administered annually, found that 17 percent of Americans admired former President Barack Obama most, giving him the first place ranking. Trump came in at second place, with 14 percent of Americans admiring him most.

This is the only time in the history of the poll that a new president, after his first year in office, failed to get the first place ranking, according to Shareblue. It’s also the first time since Dwight Eisenhower that a former president topped the poll in any year of another president’s tenure.

Interestingly, on the women’s side of the poll, Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote against Trump in last year’s election but lost the Electoral College (and thus the presidency), also received the top spot, with 9 percent of Americans saying they admired her the most out of any other female. Although much more contentious, the top four on the women’s admirability poll was resoundingly progressive, with Clinton on top, and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Elizabeth Warren following her, respectively.

Trump’s deep unpopularity likely led to his losing the top spot. The most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll released last week found that only 35 percent of Americans approved of the president’s job performance since he took office 11 months ago. A further 60 percent disapprove of his time in office.

It’s no wonder, however, why so many people don’t admire the president. After trying to undo healthcare for millions, failing to act on healthcare for millions more children, passing a tax policy that increases the debt while giving billions of dollars to the wealthy elite, describing neo-Nazis as “fine people,” revelations involving his presidential campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, and many, many more embarrassing and detestable examples of leadership, the real question to ask is how Trump was able to garner 14 percent of the American public to say he was admirable at all.

It’ll be interesting to see if, by this time in 2018, Trump is able to recoup his popularity numbers and attain the first place rank. But I’m not holding my breath on that bet — first, because Trump doesn’t show any signs of changing his character; and second, because it’s unclear whether Trump will even be president by next December.





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