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Trump Parties With NRA Leader On Night Of Sandy Hook Massacre Anniversary



President Trump took tone death to a new level. During the anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook shootings, where 20 children died, he invited the National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre to the White House Christmas party.

I’m not joking. It’s ridiculous that Trump couldn’t even take a few minutes away from watching cable news to send out a heartfelt tweet, letting the parents of the Sandy Hook victims know he was thinking about them. Or he could have taken a step further and invited the families to the White House to speak and comfort them in person.

Why would he do that? He doesn’t stand to gain anything from these families so why would he waste his time on them? Instead, he decided to invite the head of the NRA to a Christmas party on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Trump’s lack of compassion of the situation is maddening. Nicole Hockley agrees. Hockley lost her six-year-old son Dylan on that day and she’s calling Trump out for his lack of remembrance.

“Not only did he ignore the five-year remembrance completely—not even a single tweet—he slapped us all in the face by having none other than the NRA president at his White House Christmas party that night. The appalling lack of humanity and decency has not gone unnoticed.”

“While they ignorantly partied and remained uninformed on an issue that kills thousands of Americans every year, I was crying myself to sleep. While they got the chance to kiss their children goodnight, I kissed the urn holding my beautiful boy’s ashes.”

As Nicole recalls, the pain of losing a loved one never goes away. On days such as these, it’s vital to show compassion to the victims’ family members and to let them know the children they lost won’t be forgotten.

Luckily, there is a way to do this and to be proactive in possibly preventing a tragedy such as Sandy Hook from happening again. The Sandy Hook Promise is a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting children from gun violence.

Thankfully, people like Nicole are doing something about the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug and partying with someone who’s more a part of the gun violence problem than the solution.





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