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Trump Promised Better Overall Veteran Care, But Lied To Everyone About it



President Donald Trump never fails to amaze us here at Blue Side Nation with his catastrophic lack of basic knowledge and understanding of how government works. The major cock-up this week comes in the form of enormous delays in the deliverance of vital services like health, education and benefits to our veterans, with the services sometimes never reaching them at all.

Nobody seems to know exactly what happened here, but from what we can tell, the entire IT system at the Department of Veteran Affairs went kaput this week, resulting in a long stream of glitches that has caused serious delays in the delivery of payments covering education and housing.

One veteran said that the problems, which have been going on for weeks now, had effectively ruined his life. “I’m about to lose everything that I own and become homeless,” he said. “I don’t want to be that veteran on the street begging for change because I haven’t received what I was promised. It’s just confusing. Who is there for us? Who is representing us? Who is helping us? Who is doing what they need to do to better the situation for veterans?”

The root of the problem stems from last year, when the President signed the Forever GI Bill which created a cataclysmic backlog for veterans across the country. While the bill was great for veterans in theory – it expanded and increased the benefits they get – the appalling handling of it by the Trump administration has meant that it has been unable to meet its most basic targets, let alone the ambitious new high standards set by the bill.

As of November 8, it is estimated that at least 82,000 veterans across the country are still waiting for their housing payments for this year. This could plunge some veterans, who often have limited disposable financial resources, into serious crisis.

The people who were theoretically responsible for making sure this didn’t happen are the Office of Information Technology at the Department of Veteran Affairs who had to adjust the system very slightly when the new bill was passed to calculate the new, higher benefits figures. Except that they completely messed it up, hence this chaos.

The system is antiquated. The entire computerised system has not been updated in far too long and the incompetence of the Trump administration meant that disaster was effectively inevitable.

The sudden emergence of the fundamental problems was described by Patrick Murray, deputy director of Veterans of Foreign Wars, as “the floodgates opening”. He said: “With all the delays trying to get the upgrades in the ZIP code processing, they suddenly got all their enrollments, which usually come during the spring across the summer. Instead they all came a few weeks before the fall semester, and they couldn’t keep up.”

Oh, dear.





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