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Trump Reprimanded By The UN, Sent Severe Warning: This Is A Violation Of International Human Rights Standards



No matter how many times he blurts out something overtly xenophobic during a press conference or signs some press release pledging to do something ridiculous and horrible to refugees or fires off an awful tweet lamenting the horrors of the existence of people who aren’t the same color as him, President Donald Trump‘s blatant bigotry and totally reactionary views never fail to shock me. I am taken aback every single time. It is genuinely baffling that anyone could believe the crazy objectionable things he does in this day and age, let alone that that person could ever be elected as President of the United States. It depresses me every day.

Mercifully, however strongly he may believe the contrary, Donald Trump does not actually run the world. Thankfully, there are other powerful figures and influential organizations in play on the international stage that can mitigate his horrendous policies and step in when things get out of hand. Perhaps the most important of those organizations is the incredible United Nations, which has done so much good work to help the most oppressed and most vulnerable in our society in recent decades that everyone who has worked for them deserves to be made a saint.

Recently, the UN got involved in American politics once again following the President’s latest policy disaster on immigration. His continuing so-called Zero Tolerance immigration policy is stoking hate, fuelling divisions and causing the marginalization and institutional racist abuse of countless people, yet he presses on regardless, so the UN felt that they had no choice but to intervene. And what an intervention it was.

The United Nations Human Rights Council, which consists of eleven experts on the subject from all over the world, has released a statement officially condemning President Trump’s executive order  – he claimed it was designed to put an end to those terrible separations of migrant families, when in reality it achieved basically nothing and in fact made the whole situation worse by specifying the detentions may now be “indefinite”, i.e. life imprisonment for the crime of having children:

“…may lead to indefinite detention of entire families in violation of international human rights standards…”

The UN was having none of it. Here’s what they had to say:

“This executive order does not address the situation of those children who have already been pulled away from their parents. We call on the government of the US to release these children from immigration detention and to reunite them with their families based on the best interests of the child, and the rights of the child to liberty and family unity. Detention of children is punitive, severely hampers their development, and in some cases may amount to torture.”

I couldn’t have put it any better myself.





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