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Trump Set To Appoint Inexperienced Mar-A-Lago Member To A Senior Staff Position



With politicians like Trump, mild corruption in all its variations basically comes naturally. It ought to be no surprise therefore that, to date, Trump has chosen at least three inexperienced Mar-a-Lago members for ambassadorship positions around the world. And that number just became four.

The latest addition to the Trump Oligarchy Squad is Lana Marks who has just been named as Trump’s nomination to be the US Ambassador to South Africa. Ambassadors are extremely important in the day-to-day functioning of international politics, essentially serving as the first port of call in communication between the two governments.

Marks has no diplomatic qualifications or experience whatsoever. As if that wasn’t enough, she is also known to have fabricated stuff about her past on numerous occasions to get ahead. But she’s really good at making handbags. So that’s OK.

Image: Jacek Gancarz/Palm Beach Daily News

If Marks’s nomination is confirmed (which it probably will be in the one party state we live in, with the GOP controlling the entire executive and legislature) she would join the likes of Robin Bernstein, Patrick Park and Brian Burns. They, too, are Mar-a-Lago members with little or no experience for the jobs they were selected for.

Bernstein currently serves as the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and Park and Burns were nominated for senior ambassadorial positions in Austria and Ireland respectively, but they both ultimately declined their nominations. (Ouch.)

But everything will be OK, right? South Africa aren’t on the brink of declaring war on us or anything, so this isn’t a disaster, surely? I mean, the US hasn’t actually had a South African ambassador since 2016 and we’ve survived up to this point. So, as idiots have been saying for generations, what’s the worst that could happen?

Er, a hell of a lot of bad stuff. South Africa is going through a tumultuous time politically at the moment, having recently undergone a turbulent change of government and with racial tensions and major controversies raging through the media and political discussions across the country.

Plus, Trump has lived up to his character by getting himself involved in the highly sensitive debates going on there in a completely inappropriate fashion (of course). He tweeted earlier this year condemning the alleged “large scale killing” of white farmers, which is basically nothing more than a single statistic taken way out of context and a favorite talking point of alt-right Neo-Nazis, along with how the Jews did 9/11 and why full-fat milk is the best thing in the world.

This is a truly terrible time, then, to have an inexperienced Trumpite liar appointed to such a key diplomatic position. Welcome to Trump’s America.





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