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Trump Supporters In Nevada Just Elected A Brothel Owner Who Died Last Month



There are plenty of ways to look at the results of this year’s midterm elections. On the one hand, the Republicans not only held onto but also made some gains in the Senate, as well as doing pretty well overall in the gubernatorial races across the country. On the other hand, though, the Democrats stole back control of the House of Representatives which could make life extremely difficult for President Trump over the next two years.

Perhaps the most peculiar story to come out of these elections is that of Dennis Hof. Hof was standing for election to the House in Nevada’s 36th Assembly District. He modelled himself as a candidate closely on Donald Trump and managed to steal victory away from Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov in the strongly GOP state legislative district, despite being best-known for starring on reality TV and owning brothels. (For instance, if you look closely at the header photo for this article, you will see Hof pictured alongside former madam Heidi Fleiss and famous pornography supremo Ron Jeremy.)

All of that is a little out there, but nothing terribly shocking, right? This is the Republican party we’re talking about, after all. Sure, this guy is a little dodgy, but it’s not exactly era-defining that he got elected. Except for one small thing: he has been dead since last month.

That’s right. Citizens in Nevada have elected as their Representative a man who is dead.

Hof was found dead on October 16 after what appeared to be an insane party to celebrate his 72nd birthday. That tells you pretty much all you need to know about the guy right there. His death is still being investigated by police, but they don’t suspect foul play.

His body was found at his Love Ranch brothel, near Las Vegas. The party had apparently lasted upwards of four days.

Nevada is the only state in the US that legally allows brothels to operate, and Hof owned several throughout his life there. He was also known for starring in the HBO adult reality series Cathouse, and he wrote a book called The Art of the Pimp, based on Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal.

Hof had run for office before. Back in 2016, he ran as a Libertarian but didn’t get very far. This year, though, he was a Republican candidate and soon won the endorsements of Donald Trump, Roger Stone and tax cuts activist Grover Norquist.

In accordance with federal law, county officials will now nominate another Republican to take his place in the seat.





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