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Trump-Supporting Congressman Busted By FBI Under Corruption And Fraud Charges



These are the politicians supporting Donald Trump, everyone. These people right here. The Republicans. These are the biggest liars and corrupt individuals on the entire planet.

As we get more and more information about the Paul Manafort FBI house raid in relation to the Russia corruption probe, we are now getting info on another corruption front. And, it seems, that Manafort’s raid wasn’t the only one on the right side of the isle recently. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-California) had his house raided as well. According to the LA Times, Hunter’s house was raided and files were seized in February this year.

FBI agents searched the office of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s campaign treasurer in February, seizing computer equipment and documents for their investigation into whether the Alpine Republican misused campaign funds.

The search warrant for Election CFO — the agency Hunter hired to ensure his campaign complied with campaign finance rules — reveals new information about the federal investigation into Hunter’s campaign spending.

The warrant, which was unsealed in March, said agents were looking for evidence showing whether Hunter’s campaign funds were used for personal reasons, whether there was a scheme to defraud a bank over video game purchases, and whether Hunter’s campaign finance reports were falsified to “impede or influence” FBI and House Ethics Committee inquiries into his use of campaign funds.

So why is this important? Well, Hunter was a HUGE supporter and proponent of Donald Trump during the primaries and the election. Shocking that someone that’s corrupt was supporting corrupt Trump. SHOCKING I say! [Insert sarcasm here].

There’s more though. Hunter is also, apparently, lying to investigators and playing a game of cat-and-mouse with his words. Hunter has already side stepped with excuses like, “My son used the wrong credit card.” But that still doesn’t explain things like trips to the nail salon, a private plane ride for the family rabbit, a Phoenix resort stay, or his kid’s private school bills.

The right, and Trump, talked a big game during the election about “crooked Hillary” and the corruption of the left. I think the entire right needs to take a good long look in the mirror if they want to see who the REAL crooks are in this political landscape.





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