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Trump Thought He Was Still A Popular President, Stunned When He Was Delivered Poll Results



We all know that President Donald Trump loves to lie. He appears to have no qualms at all about tweeting totally false statistics, nonsensical accusations against people and groups he happens to dislike and give speeches completely twisting the truth to suit his own aims. One of the most persistent and remarkable lies that he has been telling throughout the two years that he has been in the White House so far is to do with his popularity as President of the United States.

First, Trump did not even win the popular vote in his election in 2016. He won just 46 per cent of the vote versus 48 for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Plus, the investigation is of course ongoing as to just how much of that vote was gained through illegal methods and collusion with Russia. Since then, a common feature of the incessant and hysterical tweeting of the President has related to his constant claims that he is apparently extremely popular.

Well, the team of polling experts over at CNN finally got fed up of this nonsense, so they decided to prove Trump wrong once and for all. So, they commissioned a comprehensive poll to ascertain just how popular the current GOP White House actually is, and the results are pretty damning. The published SSRS poll shows that Trump’s approval ratings in his core support base – that is white people with no college degree, the people who you would expect to have staunch support for this President – is down, by a lot. Even in this core Republican demographic, Trump’s support has fallen by a massive 9 per cent in the last month alone. This is massive – at that rate, they will all want him kicked out of office by the middle of this year!

This poll is not a one off. Its results have been corroborrated by many other well funded and well researched investigations into what support Trump actually has. For example, a report released recently by Pew Research Centre – highly respected pollsters – reveals that Trump’s approval rating overall currently stands at around 37 per cent – which is the lowest it has ever been, and about 15 points lower than this time last year. Similarly, a Marist Institute for Public Opinion poll for NPR and PBS NewsHour shows a big fall in support among evangelical Christians, traditionally one of the groups that has tended to remain loyal to Trump support.

Quite simply, Trump cannot continue like this for much longer.





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