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Trump Tried To Score Cheap Points Aginst Anderson Cooper, Anderson’s Response Was Perfect



President Donald Trump‘s ongoing war with CNN is arguably emblematic of much of what is wrong with the entire right wing worldview. Trump objects to the fact that CNN refuses to bow to Republican pressure and toe the party line, and he expresses his total fury in the only way he knows how – usually on Twitter, through childish insults and highly dangerous name calling such as Fake News Media and True Enemy of the People.

The feud between the White House and CNN – simply because they report the true news as it actually happens – has now escalated to such insane levels that there is an ongoing lawsuit over whether or not President Trump’s staff were right to remove the press pass of CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta after a spat during a press conference. It is sometimes unbelievable that this is really what American politics is like now. This is not a school playground – this guy is running our country.

Anderson Cooper has had enough. The CNN presenter is known for his merciless takes on the incompetence of the Trump White House, but this time he seems really and truly fed up. This was triggered by the fact that Trump’s latest tweet attacking CNN out of the blue was so ludicrous it was laughable. The President made the ridiculous claim that CNN should change the way it approaches reporting because it is apparently seen as representing America, and presumably when it reports on the numerous embarrassing slip ups of the Trump administration, it makes us look bad. So they should stop the “fake news”, Trump says. Which makes total sense.

Anderson Cooper was having none of it. He said: “His assault against a free press, a free press that stands up to him, will not stop us or any other legitimate news organization.” He added: “[Journalists at CNN] can handle criticism, but we’ll damn sure call it out when it’s a lie.” Damn right!

Similarly, the official CNN account on Twitter called out the fact that it is very much President Trump’s job to represent the United States in a good way on the world stage, and it makes no sense at all to put that burden on CNN’s shoulders. Clarissa Ward, a senior international correspondent at CNN, said that Trump’s unfounded attacks of journalists “sends a message very clearly that even our own president is volubly and publicly disparaging us. It’s open season on journalists.”

She is totally right. This President needs to adopt just a little maturity here.





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