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Trump Tried To Step Up Measures Against Illegal Immigration And Got Shot Down By His Own Military



Donald Trump has been very vocal indeed about what he thinks of illegal immigration in America since, and indeed before, being elected President. He uses the word “alien” about a million times every time he talks about the issue and his short-lived policy of forcibly separating refugee children from their parents at the border basically speaks for itself.

In a delicious twist to the tale, it has now been revealed that Trump tried to step up his harsh measures against illegal immigrants even further, only to be brutally shot down by his own military. Here’s how it went down.

Last month, Trump got the Department of Homeland Security to send an official request to the military to build “housing” for detained migrants. Essentially, he asked the military to build massive migrant detention facilities so that he could chuck refugees in makeshift jail before they even got a sniff of a fair trial against our Draconian immigration laws.

But, it did not go to plan. Before the project even got off the ground, senior figures in the military put a stop to it. Quite simply, the declined Trump’s request. And that was that.

The White House wasn’t going to give up that easily, of course. They sent several similar requests to the Pentagon over a period of time, formally asking that they help them out with building enormous detention centers for migrants near the border with Mexico.

Guess what? They got shot down again and again. The Pentagon said very clearly that it was willing to provide support to government personnel on the border, as is its official duty, but that it was totally opposed to the creation of any new detention facilities.

At this point, Trump tried a new tactic. He said in one of his many barnstorming rally speeches that the policy was going ahead, shouting proudly about how he would be building “massive cities of tents” in which to detain migrants and refugees, boasting that they would be held there indefinitely while the authorities pondered their fate.

Presumably, Trump was hoping that the public would be thoroughly enthused by the proposed policy so the military and the Pentagon would essentially have no choice but to do as he asked and build the de facto refugee prisons. It’s not entirely clear just yet whether or not that has worked, but it seems unlikely. Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, head of the US Northern Command, said confidently last week that the military had no plans whatsoever to build any new structures of this kind.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.





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