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Trump Turned On By One Of His Most Vocal Supporters And He’s Pissed, Questions Trump’s Competence



Sometimes – actually, scratch that: all the time – it is extremely difficult to get your head round the actual state of American politics right now. The President of the United States and Leader of the Free World is not only a reality TV star and property mogul billionaire with zero knowledge or experience of politics, but someone who has boasted about sexual and physical assault and has consistently demonstrated a total inability to do anything, at all.

Thankfully, people like Mark Cuban are on hand to help us out here. Cuban is an extremely clever guy and he recently demonstrated that once again when he went on CNN to deliver an insightful and damning analysis of President Donald Trump‘s policies and leadership. And the result he came up with, the metaphor that he claims concisely explains what is happening to our country right now, is a slightly weird one: “political chemotherapy”.

“I call it political chemotherapy. One of my friends who I always thought was very smart said, Mark, I voted for politicians my entire life. He’s in his 50s. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over expecting (sic) the same results. So I voted for Donald Trump. Is he poisonous in a lot of respects? Yeah. He’s our chemotherapy. We hope he’s going to change the political system.”

Wow. Just wow.

The CNN team then go on to expand on what Cuban has said and, basically, explain why it makes perfect sense.

“How could Trump have possibly won given that people didn’t like or trust him to be president? Again, the exit poll tells the story. Thirty nine percent of voters said the most important character trait for a candidate was that he or she “can bring change”; Trump won that group 82% to 14%. People knew Trump wasn’t ready for the job. That he might do the job poorly. And they didn’t care. Or, more accurately, they cared more about sending someone different to Washington than they did about who that person was and what damage he might do. To extrapolate from Cuban’s metaphor: Voters believed that politics was so sick that the only treatment left to fix it was also one that had the potential to kill it.”

This is a brilliant way of explaining it. American politics is sick, but the key is refusing to believe the defeatist and pessimistic idea that it is terminal – it isn’t. We can fix it. But it won’t be easy.





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