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Trump Under Fire For Doing The Exact Same Thing For Which He Criticized Hillary Clinton



The Trump 2016 campaign for the presidency was extremely painful to watch for anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together. Seeing Trump daily get up on some plastic platform and splurge out xenophobic and misogynistic rhetoric to the joy of his hate-filled ultra-fans was a pretty serious indictment of where politics is at in the USA right now. And that’s before you even get to the fact that he won.

One of his favorite campaign rhetoric ‘techniques’ was publicly slandering his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by alleging all sorts of unproven offenses from her time as Secretary of State during the Barack Obama administration, most commonly the notion of her apparently using private, unsecured email servers for matters that were meant to be top secret. Supposedly, Clinton was compromising national security by failing to take the necessary precautions to protect the integrity of the information.

In a glorious exposition of Trump’s horrendous hypocrisy, it has now been revealed that throughout his time as President he has been directly going against the advice of senior security officials by conducting government business through his personal unprotected iPhone. More than that, many media outlets are reporting that foreign governments including Russia and China have suddenly found themselves able to spy on the most private and sensitive affairs at the very top of American government thanks to Trump’s staggering carelessness.

Not that Trump cares, of course. He does whatever he wants at this point.

This recent news report brings a new highly ironic light to much of the campaign rhetoric shamelessly churned out into the public discourse by the Trump machine back in 2016. Take, for example, Rudy Giuliani‘s forthright proclamations: “Who would trust Hillary Clinton to protect them?” he bellowed to a reliably receptive Republican audience. “I wouldn’t! Would you?”

Oh, but it gets even better. “Lock her up, lock her up!” That was the shout from one Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser. “If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today!” he screamed. This is the same man who recently confessed to a crime to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his investigations into high-level collusion and corruption of the American electoral system by the Trump team.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Politics is different now thanks to Trump, likely irreversibly so. It’s not just that we vehemently disagree with him (which we do). He takes it a step further by tearing up every convention (all of which exist for very good reason) and constantly undermining the integrity of the great office he holds by generally doing imbecilic things.

Vote blue, people!





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