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Trump Used Christian Ideals In Campaign, Now Proven He Manipulated Voters To Win The White House



President Donald Trump constantly makes claims that he insists are factual but are actually not at all correct (Fake News, you might say, ironically) but perhaps the most laughable of them all is that he is some kind of devout evangelical Christian. This is the guy who insists on building a Wall along the border to keep out people he has rashly branded as rapists, has tried to ban people from coming to the United States just because of their religion, has tried to prevent people from joining the army just because of their sexual orientation, used to curse a lot, has boasted about sexually assaulting women and physically assaulting journalists, is always insulting somebody – the list goes on and on.

Clearly, his claim to be a Christian is totally nonsensical, and it is just something he says because a Public Relations official of his has told him that it will earn him the evangelical vote. This is so wrong for innumerable reasons, and the brilliant Rachel Held Evans – who is an actual Christian, and therefore sees President Trump for the fraud that he is – has explained why in this viral Facebook post from 2017. Trump wanted us to forget this crude and manipulative strategy. Let’s remind the world that he’s a complete fraud…

You don’t like that I’ve “gotten political,” huh?

If saying it’s wrong to mock people with disabilities makes me political, then so be it.

If rejecting the notion that demeaning, groping, insulting, and assaulting women is “just how men are” makes me political, then so be it.

If supporting a free press makes me political, then so be it.

If speaking out when religious and ethnic minorities are targeted with misinformation campaigns that have dramatically increased hate crimes against them makes me political, then so be it.

If believing the president of the United States is not above the rule of law, or the most basic ethical accountability, makes me political, then so be it.

If refusing to stand by as desperate refugee families, including many children, are turned away from safety based on misinformation and fear makes me political, then so be it.

If calling my senators to oppose a healthcare bill that would likely increase the abortion rate and definitely leave my friends with special needs kids bankrupt and desperate makes me political, then so be it.

If expecting the president of the United States to behave with some semblance of decorum and decency, even on Twitter, makes me political, then so be it.

If getting angry when Christian leaders shrug off sexual assault, lying, racism, bullying, cruelty to the vulnerable, and unapologetic greed and self-aggrandizement because it gets them the judge they want or the power they crave makes me political, then so be it.

If turning over tables when Christians sing hymns in honor of this administration’s ethno-nationalist agenda makes me political, then so be it.

You don’t like that I’ve gotten political?

I don’t like that the future of the Republic and the integrity of the American Church has been so glibly handed over to a man who has no respect for either.

You’re damn right I’ve gotten political.

And even if you remain silent, you have too.

Beautiful! Couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s make sure the world sees this and Trump for the phony he is.





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