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Trump Voters Are Publicly Coming Out Against Him: We Feel Betrayed



In the presidential election of 2016 in which President Donald Trump won his ticket to the White House, he failed to win the popular vote. Not only did he fail to obtain a majority of the votes, but he also received fewer votes nationally than his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Since then, things have only got worse for President Trump. Polls show that his support is worryingly low, and the recent government shutdown – the longest in the entire political history of the United States – has not helped.

The President was hoping that his constant promises of a Border Wall along the border with Mexico, and casting Congressional Democrats – especially newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi – as the antagonists getting in the way of his grand plans would be enough to keep his supporters on side. However, it is now becoming clear that this is not the case at all, especially in one specific sector: people who voted Trump and work for the federal government, who suffered the most during the shutdown.

This came to light in the most brutal way possible recently when some of the affected workers who had previously supported President Trump went on live TV to air their grievances. They spoke with Randi Kaye live on CNN and the stuff that came up will not go down well in the White House. One government employee by the name of Marah Pearlman revealed how she had been forced to revert to a diet of “macaroni and cheese” and she was struggling to afford basic and vital supplies, like medication for her son.

Another guest, named Tom Ruiz, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, said that he was forced to take another job with much lower pay, and his medical bills are piling up. Divorced father Kyle Coats told Kaye that he ran out of money that very day. “Today, absolutely I did,” he said.

When the topic moved on to President Trump, the conversation did not get any more uplifting. Coats was forced to confront the fact that Trump will never face a situation like that, as he admitted the President would be unable to relate to his predicament. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t think anyone in Congress can relate to this.” He continued: “I definitely feel betrayed by him… Y’know, he talked about supporting law enforcement. I’m a federal law enforcement officer not receiving pay. How is that supporting law enforcement officers?”

You just can’t help feeling sorry for these people.





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