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Trump Was Just Caught In An Embarrassing Lie About CNN Journalist Jim Acosta Tweet



President Donald Trump is taking a victory lap following the reopening of the federal government, even going so far as to take journalists out of context in order to prop up his supposed “victory.”

During what has been a tumultuous first year for the president, Trump has been desperate for a victory o some kind for quite some time. So when Democrats indicated that they would be compromising with Republicans, agreeing to end the government shutdown earlier this week, Trump couldn’t help himself, blasting off tweet after tweet declaring himself the victor — even though he played a very small part in Congressional negotiations (it appears that a talking stick even did more than the president).

Trump seems to have been overzealous in his celebrations, however. In a tweet on Tuesday morning, the president suggested that a CNN anchor he has been in the past even admitted Trump “won” the debacle.

An admission like this from Jim Acosta — whom Trump takes the time to call “crazy” and part of a “fake news” organization in the tweet above — would indeed be a huge deal. Unfortunately for Trump, he’s taken the journalist’s words completely out of context.

Indeed, if a journalist were to have quoted a source the way Trump had with Acosta’s words, they’d rightfully be called out for producing ethically unsound — and possibly even “fake” — journalism. Acosta wasn’t saying that “Trump wins again.” He was quoting a source from inside the White House who said as much.

“‘Trump wins again’ is how one source describes it to me,” Acosta said in his reporting. But Acosta himself did not describe it in that way.

Of course, with any shutdown, there aren’t any winners — even a short closure of the government can cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and that’s before you consider the damages that can be wrought on the nation’s economy during a shutdown.

So when Trump says he “won” this shutdown — or when he inaccurately quotes people saying he “won” — what he’s really saying is that he got a political victory off the backs of the American taxpayers. That hardly seems like a “victory” for the nation, but that doesn’t seem to matter to this president one bit.





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