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Trump’s 2020 Campaign Spokesperson’s Extremely Embarrassing Slip Up On Live TV Made Trump And The White House Mortified



President Donald Trump inherited a multi billion dollar business empire from his father. He has earned huge amounts of money because he has declared bankruptcy at least six times throughout his life, he is at the pinnacle of the Washington right wing establishment and he uses his status as a mogul to his advantage in the political world. There is just one problem with this, of course. The United States is, in theory at least, a liberal democracy with checks and balances on our elected politicians. That means that we, as the public, have a right to know what the lawmakers who we rule over us are up to when the curtains are drawn.

When it comes to finances and personal money management, that means tax returns. It is a well known and widely accepted custom that people who are or who wish to be elected as President of the United States and leader of the free world tend to publish their tax returns, so that voters can see that everything is above board. However, Trump has repeatedlt flat out refused to do that, which is clearly because he has an enormous number of massive secrets relating to his taxes and the way he manages his money that if those documents were published, it would surely destroy his political and business careers in one fell swoop.

The fragility of that position was exposed brutally live on Fox News recently, when it suddenly became apparent just how differently Trump is behaving compared to all other Presidents:

A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign claimed Monday that Congress members should not be able to access his tax returns because they have no legitimate reason to demand them. Her reasoning: the request does not include tax returns for other U.S. presidents. “Ironically, the only person whose tax returns they’ve asked for — the only president — is Trump.

So it’s a sham reasoning,” Trump’s 2020 campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News, referring to congressional requests for Trump’s tax documents, as part of its probe into the multiple ongoing investigations into the president’s company, campaign, and inaugural committee. Any examination of how effectively Trump’s Internal Revenue Service is doing its job would focus on Trump’s returns out of necessity. But the other reason Neal did not need to request the tax returns for other previous modern presidents is simple: they all released their tax returns voluntarily.





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