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Trump’s Acting Attorney General Just Dropped The Ball On The Mueller Investigation



It is no secret that President Donald Trump would quite like it if Robert Mueller would just disappear, for a while at least. The former FBI Director has, of course, been appointed a Special Counsel by the Department of Justice and is currently undertaking an ongoing investigation into alleged collusion between the 2016 presidential campaign to elect Donald Trump and Russian state actors, as well as alleged subsequent obstruction of justice.

The probe has cast a dark cloud over Donald Trump’s presidency for the full two years that he ahs so far been in the White House, and threatens to continue to do so for a very long time to come – that is, if it does not soon result in the total collapse of this administration and ultimately the fall of this President (fingers crossed!)

So, it was not a massive surprise to anyone when, the second the midterm elections of November 2018 were over, Trump swooped in to fire his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replace him with the former Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker. Whitaker has an extremely worrying past record (including numerous allegations of financial fraud), and he has previously expressed doubts about the Mueller investigation (and is therefore more likely to be favorable to Trump and try to curb the investigation somewhat).

However, it seems that Whitaker may have just publicly dropped the ball on this in a major way that could backfire spectacularly on him and the White House, and have very serious and extremely embarrassing consequences for them. Here’s how it went down. A journalist wrote an article calling for Trump’s nominee for the permanent position of Attorney General, William Barr, to be blocked by the Senate, simply to firmly ensure that Whitaker could be removed from the entire process once and for all.

In response to that, his wife – Marci Whitaker – sent an email to a reporter to offer the opposing argument, proclaiming with remarkable confidence that the Mueller investigation was essentially unimportant because it is “wrapping up”. The journalist who received the email was delighted and promptly published it in full as evidence of the blatant corruption within this administration that thinks it can just make incovenient investigations go away and expect no one to bat an eyelid; he also “confirmed that the email originated from mail servers operated by her company” (i.e. checked that it was genuine – this email really did come from the Whitaker household).

Here are the remarkable words Mrs. Whitaker had to say on the Mueller probe:

“It isn’t really or shouldn’t be that controversial to state that the Mueller investigation should stay within the parameters given. Particularly when that is said more than a year prior as the investigation is just beginning. Why would a person need to recuse oneself for that mild statement? If abundance of caution is the standard, anyone who ever spent 5 minutes contemplating the topic would need to do so. And by all means, assume that a person who speculated on a hypothetical scenario would then put some dark plan into motion, when by all accounts, the investigation is wrapping up and they [sic] eyes of the nation are upon them.”
The obnoxiousness of that is truly incredible, and the sheer incompetence of proudly sending it to a journalist is mind-blowing. This just goes to show the ridiculousness of the age we live in when people like this are governing our country.





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