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Trump’s Anti-Globalization Mentality Just Bit Him And US In The Ass



President Trump’s anti-globalization position was a huge part of his campaign platform. Bizarre though it may have been to watch a man who brags about making billions, muchof which is gained through outsourced production, wag his finger and talk about “insourcing” — he is now our president. Some people apparently believed words that Donald Trump said. Weird.

Since taking office in January, Trump has canceled the Trans-Pacfic Partnership, pulled out of the Paris climate accord, and criticized NATO. And at his seemingly perpetual string campaign rallies, the president continues to toss red meat by repeating the “America First” mantra, and indicating that he will somehow bring _________ industry back to _______ town.

The Washington Post reports that, “In the days leading up to this week’s Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, leaders from Germany, Japan and elsewhere are discussing new free-trade agreements that exclude U.S. automakers and manufacturers. Their leaders are vigorously pushing back against Trump’s threat of new U.S. tariffs or regulations on imported steel. And many are making public comments that affirm their commitments to fashioning pacts with or without the United States.”

President Trump has spent a lot of time threatening various countries around the world with tariffs and other trade barriers.

The G-20 summit is expected to bring an announcement of a major new free trade deal between the European Union and Japan, to the exclusion of the United States. It’s said that the deal has only been negotiated in generalities. But this has far-reaching implications. Who, in any post-industrial American era, would have imagine that not only would the US not lead major trade endeavors — but be left out of it altogether?

André Sapir, an international trade expert and a former economic adviser to the European Union’s Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs explained, “Going into the G-20, it’s demonstrating that indeed the E.U. and Japan want to continue to have a liberal trade agenda and show that there are other countries able to pursue this agenda without the United States.”





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