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Trump’s Attorney General Has Been Called To Testify In Front Of House Of Representatives, Answer Questions About Trump Presidency



President Donald Trump had hated former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for a long time. We know this. In fact, we can easily trace back the exact day when he started hating him – it was when Sessions decided to recuse himself from the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into alleged collusion with Russian state actors along with obstruction of justice, thereby screwing over the President quite royally.

That is why he was so obviously delighted when he finally got to fire him after the midterm elections in November of last year. And, keeping form, President Trump then decided to appoint someone who was completely and totally unsuited and unqualified to the job in question (just like himself, in fact) to replace him as Attorney General. The logical choice would have been Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but he was passed over simply because he has in the past expressed sympathy with the clear democratic necessity for the Mueller probe. So he was never going to get the job.


So, President Trump turned instead to the former Chief of Staff to Jeff Sessions, Matt Whitaker. Not only was Whitaker entirely unqualified for that position, but he also had an extremely questionable history involving various allegations of fraud. That did not matter to Trump, of course, because he had promised to do everything within his power to protect the White House from the “Witch Hunt full of Democrats” that is the Mueller probe, and that is clearly all that Trump cares about. So, he was very soon appointed as Acting Attorney General.

Then, something happened that nobody was expecting, least of all poor Matt himself. He found himself on the receiving end of an official summoning from Democrats in the House of Representatives to testify before them by the end of the month. (The Department of Justice had apparently launched a last ditch attempt to force the Dems to delay until at least next month, but it failed miserably.) The result is that Whitaker, despite his best efforts, will be forced to answer probing questions from furious Democrats in Congress about what he has really been up to.

This is bad news for Whitaker himself, of course, but it is possibly even worse news for those higher up the food chain. Sure, Whitaker was a terrible appointment to that position, but who was it that made the decision to appoint him? The White House, of course. And it is the White House that will ultimately suffer the major consequences of all this.





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