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Trump’s Bid For Reelection Just Took A Massive Hit, White House In Shambles



Last year, President Donald Trump broke yet another record with his presidency by announcing extremely early that he would be running for reelection in 2020 (and even going so far as to hire a Digital Campaigns Manager, way before the campaign actually starts. Which makes a huge amount of sense.) It is not just Trump, though; the Trump presidency has ignited fierce opposition from across the Democratic party. Unlike in 2016, when there were just three Democratic candidates (and only two serious contenders – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – as well as Martin O’Malley) it seems that there will be a huge amount of other candidates in 2020.

Some Democrats have already formally announced their bids for the White House. Elizabeth Warren made her public declaration late last year, and she has already been joined by others such as Tulsi Gabbard. Several senior figures within the Democratic party are supposedly considering running too, including Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams.

We are now slowly creeping towards election season, which means that we can tentatively start to talk about what might happen. A polling agency has recently released data from one of the very first major polls in the build up to the 2020 election series, and it is not at all good news for President Donald Trump. Despite repeatedly declaring on Twitter that he is one of the most popular Presidents of the United States ever, it seems that his approval ratings for an additional term in office are actually shockingly low.

The poll projects that at least 57 per cent of voters are definitely going to vote against Donald Trump in 2020, which is an astoundingly high figure for an incumbent President. Amazingly, just 30 per cent of voters actually said they would vote in support of President Trump, with the remaining 13 per cent answering that they did not know who they would be voting for come 2020.

When you break the data down by party, the news does not get any better for the current White House. Just over two thirds of Republican voters support Trump, with 21 per cent saying they are unsure and a surprisingly high 1 in 10 saying that they plan to vote against him next year. On the Democratic side, a staggeringly high 91 per cent profess that they are staunchly opposed to another term for Donald Trump, leaving very little wiggle room for him there (if any at all).

Perhaps that Digital Campaigns Manager wasn’t such a good premature hire, after all.





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