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Trump’s Claims Of His Defeat Of ISIS Just Got Proven Wrong By His Own Troops



One of the main hallmarks of the ridiculous and pompous claims that President Donald Trump has been making to justify how he has supposedly “made America great again” during the two years that he has spent in the White House so far is to do with the ongoing war in the Middle East, and specifically ISIS. Trump seems to believe he defeated ISIS single handedly, as he keeps saying in his public statements. On a trip to visit US troops at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska, the President boasted with great and obvious pride about what they had supposedly achieved against the terrorists in the Middle East:

“We just took over, you know, you kept hearing it was 90 percent, 92 percent, the caliphate in Syria. Now it’s 100 percent. You saw what happened. Everybody saw. We have the whole thing. We did that in a much shorter period of time than it was supposed to be.”

If that were true, it would be all good. However, there was just one problem. In keeping with his character traits that he has displayed consistently during his time as President of the United States and leader of the free world, it was actually very far from the truth indeed. The comments caused an immediate ruckus among the troops in attendance, and it wasn’t long before they fired back angrily, directly at the President. A spokesperson for the YPG (a Kurdish militia force that is on the same side as the US backed troops in the conflict) Zana Amedi slammed Trump for his “ignorance” about this topic on which he really should be an expert, going on to call his comments “abhorrent”:

“For weeks, several #SDF officials made it clear that civilians remaining in Daesh-held territory would be protected and their safety would have to be ensured before moving on to the last pocket,” Amedi wrote, using the Arabic acronym for the terror group. “Victory doesn’t seem to be coming in next days.”

Even the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leader has admitted publicly that the Islamic State group has not yet been defeated. SDF Commander in Chief Mazloum Kobani said in a public video press release recently:

“We will announce the complete victory over Daesh (ISIS) in a week.”

If even he knows that they have not been defeated yet, how is it possible that the President of the United States is so ill informed and yet still so confident in his false beliefs?





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