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Trump’s Co-Author Blindsides Him During CNN Interview: He Is A Two-Faced Liar And Always Has Been



Back in 1987, when a youthful Donald Trump published his book The Art of the Deal, he probably would never have guessed that just over three decades later he would be ambushed on live TV by his co-author, Tony Schwartz – but that is exactly what has happened. In an interview on CNN with Alisyn Camerota, Schwartz – who obviously knows Trump very well indeed, having worked so closely with him – laid out in very stark terms the reasons why he is the way he is. Folks, this is worth your time.

TONY SCHWARTZ, DONALD TRUMP’S CO-AUTHOR, “THE ART OF THE DEAL”: I saw two things. One, Trump operates sort of at this point on two tracks. One is intentionally deceitful and the other is deluded. And he moves between them kind of constantly and without any — without any intention as he does. So the deluded part is seeing the world only in the way that he wants to see it and define it.

CAMEROTA: So just, that article, he’s chosen — he’s cherry-picked an article that touts all of his accomplishments and so that’s the counter-programming or counter-narrative that he wants everyone to focus on.

SCHWARTZ: It’s what he got from Roy Cohn. When you’re attacked, attack back harder, never admit anything, deny everything, lie if it’s necessary, and that’s exactly what he did, except that the stakes keep getting harder — higher. Harder and higher. In the sense that it’s hard to argue that the walls aren’t closing in on him right now.

[08:50:22] CAMEROTA: Particularly that this is this one-two punch. So this op-ed follows right on the heel of the big bombshell leaks coming from Bob Woodward’s new book.

So one of the fascinating elements of Bob Woodward’s book is this phone call that he and President Trump had where Bob Woodward tells him, I sure would have loved to have sat down with you and talked but none of your people were able to make it happen. And President Trump expresses shock that no one told him about this.

So let me — let me play a couple portions from this audio.

CAMEROTA: Tony, you know that — you know that side of Donald Trump. What did you hear there?

SCHWARTZ: Well, I have — I have two views of what might have happened on that call. I think it is possible that — and I talk a moment ago about the two tracks Trump operates on. So in — on one track I think Trump genuinely believed that — or genuinely felt, I didn’t know about this, and was trying to make that case. I don’t know why you would make it to Woodward. You’d make it to your staff, who you — who didn’t tell you about it.

It is quite possible to me that his staff did keep this from him because we know from Woodward’s book itself that they tried to keep from him as they will — as they are doing right now with the Mueller’s desire to interview him, putting him in situations where he could get himself in trouble. So I’m willing to believe that.

On the other hand, at some later point in the call, and you may be about to play this, he acknowledges that Lindsey Graham did tell him about this and just sort of waves it off. So that’s the second track. It’s just, yes, I know about it, but I don’t want to know about it, so I’m not going to — I’m going to pretend that I don’t.

CAMEROTA: Let’s play that moment, just for fun. Let’s play the Lindsey Graham moment and then we’ll talk about what all of this means going forward.

CAMEROTA: That able — that ability to be able to turn on a dime. No senator’s ever talked to me. Lindsey Graham actually did talk to me. That is true.

But don’t you hear something — and this is what I want to get to, Tony, there’s something I find — and, obviously, people can interpret it different ways, endearing about him trying to charm Bob Woodward, trying to be on Bob Woodward’s side, I wish I could have spoken to you. This is a different Donald Trump than we hear so often now as President Trump at rallies, et cetera.

SCHWARTZ: It’s a blend of a little child looking for love and approval and a dissembler because when he says that about Lindsey Graham, the reason he can turn on a dime is that he is without conscience. And so he can go from, that didn’t happen, to, oh, that did happen, as if it’s no big deal to acknowledge that he was lying. Only a person without conscience can do that.

CAMEROTA: So what happens now? Now with this, as we have called it, one-two punch between all of the revelations in the Bob Woodward book, that we know from our reporting that President Trump is quite distressed about and now this op-ed from someone within his administration, how does he respond? What happens next?

SCHWARTZ: You know, I keep thinking the last 24 hours about “House of Cards,” which, of course, is no longer here because of Me Too. I mean it’s — these are stories you can’t make up. And the house of cards is beginning to play out in a faster and faster fashion. And what happened yesterday seemed extraordinary. What will happen today may seem more extraordinary than what happened yesterday. And tomorrow again.

I think what will — what is happening, and you can see it in his tweets, you can see it in the language he’s using, is that he’s more and more isolated. He is at the point — and I think he would be right to be at this point — to believe that there’s almost no one he can trust — trust, in other words, to play to his agenda, and he’s in big trouble.

CAMEROTA: And then what happens? I mean, quickly, what does he do then?

SCHWARTZ: Listen, the one thing that nobody is talking about when they talk about, well, how is he going to do in 2020, and what’s going to happen in the midterms is, Bob Mueller probably has 40 years’ worth of crimes that he is going to unfold of Trump’s crimes sometime in the next 60 to 120 days that will change this in a — from the legal perspective in a dramatic way.

CAMEROTA: We shall see.

This is just staggering. If this guy has so little hope for Trump, there is definitely no hope at all. Can it get any worse for this President?





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