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Trump’s Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein: You Should Not Know About What We Do In Government



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into President Donald Trump, his Organization, his White House, his administration, his close circle and his White House seems now like it has been going on for many lifetimes. It certainly feels like much longer than two years ago at this point that the Justice Department (specifically, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) found itself forced to commission the former Director of the FBI to set up a probe to investigate the claims that the campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world during the 2016 presidential election colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the result of the election and the White House from rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover it up.

Of course, the key figure in the initial setting up of that inquiry – given that then Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the whole thing – was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. When President Trump was finally able to fire Sessions from the Justice Department after the midterm elections in November of last year, he passed over Rosenstein for the promotion, instead choosing to go with the inexperienced former Sessions Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker despite his highly questionable past, and eventually going to someone else entirely – Bill Barr – take up the position on a permanent basis. So why did Trump completely ignore and snub Rosenstein? Because Rosenstein has said publicly that he supports the Mueller inquiry and that he actually understands and appreciates how necessary it is that this probe takes place.

This is the probe, remember, that the President has repeatedly – and falsely – called Full of Dems and a Witch Hunt. So it was never going to work in Rosenstein’s favor to admit that he actually believes in it. However, Rosenstein just came out publicly to say something quite incredible. He has suggested that the Justice Department may not publish the Mueller report after all, arguing – bizarrely – that being open and transparent in government might not be a good thing after all. Here is what he said:

“There’s a knee-jerk reaction to suggest that we should be transparent about what we do in government. But there are a lot of reasons not to be transparent about what we do in government. There may be legitimate reasons for making exceptions, but as a general principle, in my view, the Department of Justice is best served when people are confident that … when we’re investigating American citizens in particular, we’re going to do it with appropriate sensitivity to the rights of uncharged people.”

It is impossible to know what is going on in the background here, but clearly Rosenstein has been given a firm nudge. Let’s just hope it doesn’t compromise the integrity of Mueller’s probe.





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