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Trump’s Federal Reserve Pick Just Unloaded A Bizzare, Misogynistic Rant About How Women Should Be Paid Less Than Men



President Donald Trump has a shocking record of astonishingly bad public appointments, but his latest one might just be the worst yet. He picked Stephen Moore to sit on the Federal Reserve Board, and Moore recently went on the ABC News show This Week to lecture George Stephanopoulos about why it is actually a good thing that we have an enormous gender pay gap in America:

Well, look, first of all, when you look at what’s happened under Donald Trump and what’s happening with wages now and increases in income, I think prosperity and economic growth are a women’s issue, they’re — they benefit, you know, the blacks, they benefit minorities. This is a — as you just said, this is a sizzling economy right — right now. I’m very proud to have played a role in this. I was the senior economic adviser with Larry Kudlow to that campaign.

We are closing the wage gap. I mean, the way to close the wage gap is by creating a healthy economy. Right now we have 7.1 million — 7.1 million more jobs than people that are filling them right now. That’s allowing women, minorities, others to — to increase their wages. I mean, look, I’m happy and proud of the fact that I played a small role in creating an economy today that’s probably as — as good as it’s been in 20 years. In terms of the labor force issues right now, George, this is the best labor market for workers in your or my lifetime.

This is quite incredible to see. It’s one thing to be a capitalist and supposedly believe that the free market is a good way to distribute wealth, but it is entirely another thing to pick up directly on one of the very worst aspects of the free market which proves how inefficient and unfair it is (the gender pay gap) and somehow try to point to that as an achievement. This guy could not be less suitable to sit on the Federal Reserve Board if he tried. It is hardly encouraging when he points to unhelpful wage growth figures which are way to broad to be meaningfully interpreted and insists that “they benefit, you know, the blacks”. Stephen Moore is everything that President Donald Trump would want in his Federal Reserve pick, and that is why everyone with a conscience must do everything in their power to ensure that this guy never gets anywhere near any actual power.





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