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Trump’s Latest Public Disagreement With His Own White House Intelligence Shows They Are Pushing Fake News Stories



Criticizing President Donald Trump is not difficult. He is such an unbelievably awful President of the United States in so many different ways that it is barely headline news any more that some new document has emerged showing yet more direct collusion with Russia, or that he or one of his senior officials has come out with yet another nonsensical and totally bigoted comment about immigration. As we speak, we are in the midst of the longest shutdown of the US government in our entire political history, all because the President is insisting on the Democratic party granting him a multi billion dollar lump sum to fulfill his insane racist fantasy about a Border Wall.

It is sometimes hard to believe that we are barely half way through this man’s first term presidency, that he has only actually been in office for two years. So much entirely unprecedented stuff has happened since he took up his residence in the White House that it seems like much longer than that – and, of course, we on the Left are just desperately wishing it to be over. The things Trump does get crazier and crazier by the day, to the point that now the level of craziness is genuinely incomprehensible.

This latest story is a perfect example of that. President Donald Trump is now saying things in public that are directly contradictory to statements released by the White House. That’s right – the man who is our President and leader of the free world is getting his facts so catastrophically wrong (and still maintaining an astonishing level of confidence when professing his un-thought out beliefs to the world) that he is publicly disagreeing with his own White House. I cannot even tell you how mad it makes me that we have reached this level of ridiculousness now.

Donald Trump, being Donald Trump, described the new trade deal he had managed to forge with China as “one of the largest deals ever made”, promising that Chinese President Xi Jinping is basically opening up his market to American investment and getting rid of tariffs entirely. Great stuff, right? Well, it would be – if it was true. In fact, Trump is way off the mark here. What has actually happened is that China has signed a temporary agreement in which they agree not to raise tariffs higher than they are at the moment. Nothing about scrapping tariffs, and certainly not “one of the largest deals ever made”.

What is so worrying about this is that Trump negotiated this deal himself, yet he seems to have completely misunderstood its contents. Could he get any more ludicrous?





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