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Trump’s Own Administration Just Turned On Him And Said That Election Win Could Be Illegitimate



It’s clear the Trump administration takes a “you’re with us or you’re not going to have many rights approach.” One of the biggest aspects supporting this conclusion is the Voter Fraud Commission, who isn’t tasked with weeding out all that “fraud” that’s supposedly happening. No, its goal, according to GQ is to use its findings as justification for enacting laws such as the requisite you must have an ID to vote. This would make it harder for some Democrats to cast their votes, which is the whole reason for this commission.

With this said, the commission put a big foot in its mouth when vice chair Kris Kobach went on MSNBC to explain whether Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

“We may never know the answer to that question.”

MSNBC’s Katy Tur rightfully challenged Kobach by asking how could he not know. After all, this is a commission that investigates voter fraud, you would think at the minimum they would know more about the popular vote than anyone.

Kris responded, “What I’m saying is there were a certain amount of voters who were ineligible. You still won’t know those who are ineligible voted for Trump or for Clinton or for somebody else. So it’s impossible to ever know exactly. Based on the data, you could make some educated guesses.”

Tur was on the money for asking, “Are the votes for Donald Trump that led him to win the election in doubt as well?”

Kris answered with, “Absolutely. If there are ineligible voters, people who are non-citizens, people who are felons, who shouldn’t be voting, according to the laws of the state, you don’t know.”

Well then, here’s the vice chair of the Voter Fraud Commission on camera stating that votes for Trump that helped him win the presidency could be in doubt. Kobach used this point to illustrate the importance of having the commission, so we have elections that are more accurate. At the same time, this interview shows the commission is a waste of time and resources because it has more questions than answers.





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