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Trump’s Pick For Ambassador To Mexico Has Zero Diplomatic Experience



President Donald Trump has, in his less than two years in office, developed quite a reputation for appalling choices for appointments. He chose his doctor for a senior ministerial position not long ago. His initial National Security Adviser was Michael Flynn, who has since admitted lying to the FBI (which is a felony). His current National Security Adviser is the startlingly hawkish and totally unsuitable John Bolton. And that’s just a few – the endless tirade of resignations and firings from the White House tells a story by itself.

Now, it looks like Trump will continue working hard to preserve that reputation as a President with literally no idea what he is doing by nominating someone with zero diplomatic experience to be the United States Ambassador to Mexico.

Christopher Landau is a vetern appellate lawyer in Washington, DC. Multiple sources have revealed that he is currently in the process of being vetted for the position, despite having no diplomatic experience whatsoever.

They have disclosed that Landau, who is a partner at the law firm Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, is already at the background checks stage of the vetting process (a late stage, suggesting he’s nearing the end of the process). There are no other candidates known to be under consideration.

The relationship between the US and Mexico is extremely important, especially in fragile times such as these (repeatedly vowing to build a wall along the border between two countries isn’t exactly the best way to foster an international friendship). That makes it even more concerning that Trump’s apparent choice has literally no experience of the entire field.

Immigration is, of course, a key issue in relations between the two nations – the President has repeatedly lambasted the Mexican leadership over it, and his response to the migrant caravan passing through has been – well, significant, to say the least.

As well as that, the issue of US-Mexican trade is going to become more crucial than ever for both countries in the coming years. Their trade came to an estimated total of around $615.9 billion for 2017 alone. This is a valuable relationship. This matters.

As if things were not already complicated enough, the new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is due to be sworn in next month, is a devout liberal who published a book called Listen Up, Trump attacking our President directly. The Ambassador, then, whoever he or she turns out to be, will have a monumental job on their hands, which begs the question: why on earth choose someone with no experience?





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