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Trump’s Threatening CNN Letter Leaked, Shows World He Is Not Fit To Be President



President Donald Trump is famously, or perhaps infamously (depending on your perspective) hostile towards the American press. He frequently dubs them the Fake News Media and the Real Enemy of the People, whether that be through one of his late night or early morning ill thought out Twitter rants, or even during press briefings to those exact journalists he is talking about. He positively hates the press.

But why? What did they do to deserve his constant and unrelenting wrath, including explcitly inciting violence by mocking a journalist for his disability during a campaign rally and boasting about having choke slammed another during a speech as President?

Well, the thing they did that was so wrong was that they reported the truth. As it happens, the truth is that Trump is an appalling President, but since he is so self-centered and egotistic, he refuses to acknowledge that, so the way he sees it, it is simply evil Democrat journalists who want to undermine his honorable work through false reporting. Which is obviously total nonsense.

We can see Trump’s attitude starkly displayed through the way he responded to CNN after they broadcast that now infamous video of him enthusiastically telling Billy Bush how much he enjoys sexually assaulting women:

“For Zucker, the thick-skinned TV executive and newsman, it was just business. For Trump, the thin-skinned TV star and now approval-craving politician, it was tactical but also personal: He believed that he had gotten Zucker his job at CNN and that the network’s increasingly aggressive coverage of him was an act of betrayal.

“Trump actually didn’t play a meaningful role in Zucker’s hiring. (“The president is certainly entitled to believe whatever he likes about our conversation,” Kent wrote me in an email, “however, it was not a factor in the decision to hire Jeff.”) But after the second presidential debate in October, when several CNN panelists criticized Trump for dismissing his comments about grabbing women by the genitals as “locker-room talk,” Zucker received an email from Trump, via his campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks:

“Jeff — Too bad you (CNN) couldn’t be honest with how well I did in the debate. The dumbest thing I ever did was get you the job at CNN — you are the most disloyal person. Just remember, I always seem to find a way to get even. Best wishes, Donald J. Trump.”

The fact that this man is our President genuinely baffles me every single day. His conduct is consistently horrific.





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