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Trump’s Tweets Turned Into Official Documents Shows How Insane He Truly Is



The office of White House Press Secretary has never been a less enviable position.

Repeatedly facing the press corps while trying to clean up Trump’s messy words and tweets would be enough to drive just about anybody into or among the bushes.

Following the terror attacks in London, most world leaders offered their earnest support and condolences. But that’s not Trump’s style.

When Russel Neiss read Pat Cunnane’s reply in which he mocked up Trump’s actual words into a proper statement format, he was inspired to create @RealPressSecBot. This account searches the President’s tweets “every 5 min & transforms them into correct Presidential statement format.”

Here are some gems.

Seeing these in tweet form also make his asinine statements that much more displeasing and indigestible.

It also seems only fitting that the Press Secretary we deserve is a Twitter bot account. Say what you will about Trump, but one cannot deny he is this nation’s first Tweeter-in-chief. One twitter account isn’t enough to contain all of our President’s Trumpitude, which is why he avails himself of both a Presidential account and his previously used celebrity account.

Trump is someone who would retweet himself from each account because, well, of course he retweets himself from each account. He’s that guy. And since he’s that guy, it seems downright altruistic of Mr. Neiss to create this bot, if only to present Trump’s rapid-fire national embarrassment to the world wrapped in a genteel gift box.





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