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Trump’s Wall Prototype Was Just Shown, On Video, To Be A Massive Failure



We should know by now that President Donald Trump has absolutely no problem whatsoever with going back on his promises. For example, when it comes to his beloved Border Wall (which, let’s not forget, is a totally racist and xenophobic policy coming direct from the President of the United States and leader of the free world, and is the reason for the ongoing partial government shutdown which is now by far the longest in the entire political history of the United States) Trump initially spent months and months vowing that it would be a solid brick wall, not a fence of any kind. Now, he is totally behind the idea of a steel fence.

This totally in keeping with Trump’s character. He has consistently demonstrated that he will simply do whatever is convenient to him in that moment. Remember how he spent all of 2016 and 2017 saying that Mexico would pay for the Wall in full in one single direct payment? And he has now, of course, gone back on that too, since he realized it was never going to happen because that is not how international relations works.

The latest thing Trump has been saying regarding his insane Wall is that – if it ever does get built – it will be totally impenetrable. If you believe Trump, it will be entirely impossible to break it or get through or past it. That is, in all honesty, quite fundamental – it is the entire point of the Wall. If it failed to stop people crossing the Border, there would be literally no point in the President shutting down the government and refusing to budge from his position in any way until it is funded in full.

That is why it was so bafflingly humiliating for Trump when a journalist went out to a little bit of the so called Wall that has already been built and demonstrated that it can essentially be destroyed using nothing but a saw. That’s right – Trump’s beloved and almighty Wall loses when faced up against a man with a saw.

If you watch the insane video below, you will see someone attacking the Wall with a saw and successfully causing some very serious damage. This totally undermines Trump’s whole position. Will he apologize for his numerous false statements on this? Will he open up the government? Will he stop going on about the Wall and actually get on with governing the country? Or, even better, will he accept his mistakes and resign?

Of course not. He is Donald Trump, after all.





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