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Trusted Trump Confident Goes Behind His Back On The Government Shutdown, Trump Pissed



If there is one thing that President Donald Trump is really, really bad at, it has to be his management of his staff. We know that he is terrible at formulating policy, doing business, actually governing, and covering up his numerous and heinous crimes against American democracy, but the most obvious and blatant and downright humiliating aspect of his total incompetence and utter lack of suitability for the office of President of the United States is his shocking lack of ability to actually manage his staff.

One of the most remarkable things about the two years that President Trump has been in the White House so far is his insanely high staff turnover rate. There are practically no senior Cabinet members of White House officials who were in office back in January of 2017 who are still working for Trump now. He is totally unable to keep staff on board, indicating that his management style is completely awful. And now, we just got yet another indication of that, and it has hit Trump at his very weakest moment so far.

Mike Pompeo is already the second Secretary of State that Trump has had, making the move up from Director of the CIA to replace Rex Tillerson who suddenly realized after over year in office that he completely disagreed with the President on everything. Now, it seems, Pompeo is already thoroughly fed up of Trump’s continuous nonsense, and he has taken it out on him in the most public and brutal way possible through a move seemingly designed to directly undermine the authority of the President at this critical juncture.

We are currently in the midst of the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States, because Donald Trump is insisting that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Congressional Democrats give him the several billion dollars of funding he needs to build his ridiculous Wall along the Southern Border. This is a hugely important and politically delicate time for Trump. He has made a big thing of the fact that many federal employees are not getting paid at the moment because of the shutdown, trying to use that as leverage to force the Democrats into forking out for his project.

That is why he must have been so enraged when he found out that Mike Pompeo went behind his back to invite government employees to come back to work, thereby totally undermining Trump’s leverage. Pompeo released a public statement saying he would try to find a way to cover the next paycheck, but it looks like he is firmly siding with the workers against the President, which is really quite something. Could he be on his way out of the administration too? And what does this mean for the shutdown and the Wall?





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