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Turning Point USA Tried To Promote Nationalism To Congress And Was Shot Down By Ted Lieu



The growth of nationalism has been a truly terrifying thing to witness within American politics. It is hard to believe that just three years ago, Barack Obama was President of the United States and leader of the free world. Now, we are stuck with Donald Trump in the Oval Office and a fiercely nationalist political discourse across the country, and indeed the world. Nationalism is a divisive ideology that seeks to separate people based on where they come from, and it ought to have no place in a liberal democracy in the twenty first century. Sadly, though, it is somehow more prominent here than ever, thanks to the wave of right wing populism that has swept through.

Perhaps the most prominent group pushing the nationalist ideology at the moment is Turning Point USA. Headed up by the figure heads of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, both of whom are very close friends of the Trump family, they spread their message of nativism and xenophobia on college campuses across America, and are often welcomed into the political sphere too by Republicans. We saw this very starkly when Owens attended a launch event for Turning Point UK in Europe and used a question and answer session to launch a staggering attempt at defending the actions of Adolf Hitler, alleging that nationalism is not that bad after all:

“The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German, everybody to look a different way. That’s not, to me, that’s not nationalism. So in thinking about how we could go bad down the line, I don’t really have an issue with nationalism. I really don’t. I think that it’s OK.”

Owens will now have to spend the rest of her life explaining what she actually meant in that clip as she desperately tries to squirm away from the fact that she just openly engaged in Nazi apologism. Thankfully, this has not gone unnoticed. Heroic Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu recently played that very clip of Owens right to her face in Congress and demanded she explain herself, leaving her totally stumped. You can see the full clip of that encounter below. That is exactly the kind of proper interrogation of the right wing that we need much more of in the current climate. We cannot simply allow the level of hate to go on as it is now.





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