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Two Senior Republican Congressmen Abandon Trump, Come Out Publicly Against Him On Fake National Emergency



President Donald Trump will apparently do whatever is necessary to get his racist Border Wall on the southern border with Mexico built, at all costs. It was a promise he made on the campaign trail during roaring rallies in which tensions and emotions were high and he justified it on the utterly ludicrous premise that “Mexicans are rapists” and that illegal immigration is somehow going through a boom and causing a crisis, which is all totally false, of course. It’s Fake News, you might say.

So far, the President has already triggered the longest national emergency in the entire political history of the United States in a prolonged and highly damaging tantrum to try to force House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to back his deal – which, of course, was a total failure. He has also triggered a National Emergency, which was recently smacked down by the Republican controlled Senate.

Now, things are getting even worse for Trump. It seems that even his most loyal defenders and senior figures in the GOP who he thought he could rely on are also fed up of his nonsense and are abandoning him publicly, going against the party line and even trashing him on TV. For instance, staunch Republican Sen. Rand Paul recently went onto the campus of Western Kentucky University to give a speech in which he laid into the President and his plans:

“I can’t vote to give the president the power to spend money that hasn’t been appropriated by Congress… We may want more money for border security, but Congress didn’t authorize it. If we take away those checks and balances, it’s a dangerous thing.”

Soon after that, another Republican by the name of Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, who voted against Trump in the Senate over the issue of the Border Wall, went on the live State of the Union programme on CNN to smack down Trump’s plans and lay into some of the decisions he has made since entering the White House:

“We have a system of separation of powers under our Constitution…
He’s never vetoed appropriations legislation and now he wants to declare an emergency to do something Congress has already debated and discussed… The president doesn’t get to decide that he can override Congress simply because Congress doesn’t do what he wants… If there were an emergency in the sense that the president is describing, there would be a lot more consensus.”  

Ouch. Soon the President will have no allies left!





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