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Unveiled Email Chain Puts Ivanka Trump Squarely In The Middle Of The Russia Collusion Scandal



It now feels like about a thousand years ago that the Justice Department commissioned an former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III as a Special Counsel to conduct an official probe into allegations that the campaign to elect Republican candidate Donald Trump to the White House in the presidential election of 2016 colluded with Russian state actors in order to try to steal the election result (and therefore the presidency) from rival Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in an attempt to cover it up.

Recently, leaks have been frequent and quite substantial from the Mueller inquiry. Trump’s deranged tweeting about it, calling it a Witch Hunt and Full of Dems, has become even more incessant as several big pro Trump names including Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Roger Stone have been taken down by Mueller and his team. However, somehow, President Donald Trump still sits in the Oval Office and his awful policies are still wreaking havoc with our great nation.

However, we may now have the answer, which could mean that actual criminal proceedings for senior members of the Trump family and White House – possibly including the President of the United States himself – could be forthcoming. And it all boils down to one person: First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

The New York Times has released a crushing report relating to the communications between Ivanka and a senior relation of Michael Cohen, a man named Felix Sater. Emails have emerged in which Sater boasted to Cohen about how close he was to Putin’s regime in the Kremlin, saying at one point: “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”

So, how does Ivanka fit into all of this? Well, it looks from the emails like she was the key representative of the Trump campaign in those meetings with Russian officials, which were organized by Sater. In one of the emails, he wrote: “I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin.”

Of course, she denied everything in this interview with ABC from August of 2018.

Since then, as you would expect, Ivanka has denied any “involvement in the discussions about the Moscow deal other than to recommend possible architects”, claiming that she only visited Russia as a tourist. Funnily enough, Russian agents said the same thing in an interview last year after they visited the UK – and that resulted in the murder of a citizen on foreign soil. Watch this space. There’s something far more sinister than meets the eye here.





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