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US Attorney Breaks Silence On Trump And Ongoing Investigations: Entire Trump Family Is Now In Play



John Dean is the Robert Mueller of another age. If you don’t already know, Dean is the infamous White House Counsel who helped take down President Richard Nixon following the legendary Watergate scandal. So, he knows a thing or two about legal procedure in American politics, and he is possibly the greatest living authority on how to hold Presidents to account when they have probably committed crimes and how to make them truly suffer the consequences of their actions.

It is pretty bad news for President Donald Trump, then, when someone like Dean comes out and says, basically, that the entire Trump family, White House and administration is totally screwed, that the allegations against this president are so serious, the charges so grave and the results of the empirical investigation so damning that there is essentially no way out for him.

So what provoked the intervention from Dean? You coud have argued that Trump has been screwed for quite a long time. Ever since those allegations of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors first emerged many, many months ago, this whole case has hung over the Trump presidency like a dark cloud. What has happened for Dean to become so confident that the presidency is now “in jeopardy”? Why now?

Image: Flickr/socaltimes

There is a very simple answer to that question: Paul Manafort.

As we all know, Paul Manafort has cut a plea deal with the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He is agreeing to help with their inquiry in any way he can, because he sees the evidence they have has made them unstoppable. So, despite his years of working closely with President Trump and his fierce loyalty up to this point, Manafort decided that he had to defend his own interests by selling out to Mueller, abandoning Trump to the dogs and cutting some kind of deal.

Dean appeared to welcome the major development with great enthusiasm in a tweet he sent out recently:

“Manafort has flipped! BOOM (the sound of broomsticks breaking the sound barrier crashing to earth – NO witches). The entire Trump family now in jeopardy. No pardon for Paul from Trump. No nice things to say about Mansfort by Rudy. Nightmares at the White House will be unending.”

Remember, this guy has more expertise on this particular subject than anyone else in the world. So for him to come out and say “the entire Trump family is now in jeopardy” is a very, very, big deal. I would not bet on Trump surviving for much longer at this point.





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