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Voters Prove Trump Wrong For Fake Support Claim On Bogus Border Wall National Emergency Declaration



We all know where President Donald Trump stands on the issue of immigration, especially when it comes to Mexico and immigration from the south into the United States via the southern border. He recently declared a national emergency in order to fund his ridiculous Border Wall project to enforce his prejudices, and he has since insisted that what he is doing is democratic and meets the will of the people. The following summary of the most recent professional poll data on what peple actually think about the controversial (and nonsensical) policy pushed through by the President is pretty damning:

“In the latest survey, a Politico/Morning Consult poll showed Americans were opposed to Trump’s action by a 51-39 percent margin. But as is often the case in polls about Trump’s actions, there was a sharp political divide in the survey results. Trump’s emergency declaration drew 77 percent support from fellow Republicans, with 18 percent opposed. A total of 81 percent of Democrats voiced opposition, while 52 percent of independents said they were opposed.

“A HuffPost/YouGov survey found a 55-37 percent margin against the president’s emergency declaration, again with the president’s supporters overwhelmingly favoring and Democrats opposed. A National Public Radio/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll pegged the emergency declaration opposition at 61 to 36 percent. It said Democrats opposed Trump’s action by a 94-6 margin, while Republicans favored it by 85-12. Independents opposed the declaration by a 63-33 margin.”

It seems that many people within the professional, legal and political spheres concur with this view, since the White House is being sued by pretty much everyone you can imagine over this particular issue. One of the many lawsuits that has flown their way recently has come from the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed the suit on behalf of the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition. They are making an arguing that no one can really disagree with, which is that the President has clearly failed to meet the necessary baselines requirements for declaring a national emergency:

“In fact, there was and is no national emergency to justify the president’s action, only his disagreement with Congress’s duly enacted decisions on the extent and pace of spending on the border wall.”

Absolutely right. It is high time someone finally holds this tyrannical White House to account. And this might actually be an excellent way to stop the racist Border Wall once and for all, and significantly undermine Donald Trump’s authority altogether, making a Democratic victory in the presidential elections of next year much more likely.





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