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Watch As Bill Barr Tries To Defend Trump’s Actions And Flounders Spectacularly



Attorney General Bill Barr is still, incredibly, doing his very best to defend President Donald Trump over the Mueller report, with amazing results. This is what he recently said to Congress:

“We felt that that episode, the government would not be able to establish obstruction. If you go back and if you look at the episode where the president gave McGahn an instruction, McGahn’s version of that is quite clear… which is that [Trump’s] instruction said, “Go to Rosenstein, raise the issue of conflict of interest, and Mueller has to go because of this conflict of interest.” So there’s no question that whatever instruction was given to McGahn, it had to do with Mueller’s conflict of interest.

“Now, the president later said that what he meant was that the conflict of interest should be raised with Rosenstein, but that the decision should be left with Rosenstein. On the other end of the spectrum, it appears that McGahn felt it was more directive, and that the president was essentially saying, “Push Rosenstein to invoke a conflict of interest to push Mueller out.” Now, there’s something very different between firing a special counsel outright, which suggests ending the investigation, and having a special counsel removed for conflict, which suggests you’re going to have another special counsel.”

This is amazing to read, and even more amazing to watch (you can view the clips of the exchange in the embedded tweets below). The Attorney General is so desperate to defend President Trump’s actions that he is willing to go to extreme lengths in terms of twisting the truth and trying to make the most ludicrous justificatory statements somehow sound realistic and plausible. He has been backed into a corner by his boss, because the things the President has done are so ridiculous that they are essentially indefensible, yet he still has to attwmpt the impossible task of defending them to a rigorous investigation that is determined to uncover the complete truth.

Anyone who can watch those videos below and still conclude that the President is innocent and that the Attorney General is being candid and sincere in his retelling of events is deluded. It is surely only a matter of time now, if things continue in a similar dircection as they are heading at the moment, before this fraudulent President and all of his cronies are turfed out of office and the rule of law of our liberal democracy is restored once and for all.





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