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Watch As Republican Lawmakers Claim Gay People Should Not Have Equal Access To Healthcare During Hearing



Today, in the twenty-first century, the world is the most progressive and advanced that it has ever been. Activists and others work tirelessly to forward the rights of oppressed minority groups, and people are more liberated than ever before. In that context, it is easy to forget that large swathes of the American population still have beliefs that are wildly outdated, utterly Draconian and often quite disgusting. It follows from that that those people and their appallign views are represented by politicians, almost exclusively from the Republican party.

Recently, we saw an example of this in the most outrageous way, when a group of Republican lawmakers debating the Equality Act made totally ridiculous and intensely homophobic and transphobic statements, such as claiming that cisgender men would try to “game the system” by pretending to be trans women if the act, which gives equal rights to trans and cis people, was passed. They also went on to compare LGBT+ people to Nazis, and say a whole bunch of other stuff that makes zero sense and belongs firmly in the seventeenth century.

In one exchange, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) raised questions about whether gay and lesbian people should even have equal access to health care. In another exchange, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) questioned Jamie Contreras, who gave testimony about how a pediatrician turned her and her wife away for care for their child because they are lesbians. Buck asked Contreras if the other doctor the pediatrician recommended offered “inferior medical care.” Contreras said she wasn’t sure since they didn’t have opportunity to research that doctor. He then asked her, “Is it your position that an Orthodox Jewish doctor whose grandparent was killed in the Holocaust should be required to work with a Nazi patient?”

It is staggering that educated people can have these kinds of opinions in the modern day and age. For this man, who is a powerful Republican lawmaker, to suggest that discriminating against patients in a hospital based on their sexuality is somehow the same as giving special treatment to Nazis is utterly outrageous. These are the kinds of beliefs that are being espoused by the GOP and that are promoted by President Donald Trump and his inflammatory, regressive rhetoric. If he wants to Make America Great Again, why does he disregard the needs and rights of huge numbers of Americans, simply because their lifestyle is not the same as his? The answer, of course, is that he and his party colleagues are stuck in a rut of homophobic prejudice.





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