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Watch As Trump Rally Turns Violent With Shocking Outbreak Of Racism, Shouts Of “Shoot Them!”



We all remember that harrowing footage of the rallies held by Donald J. Trump back in 2016 when he was still on the road to the Oval Office. He used to adore whipping the crowds up into a frenzy by encouraging them to say increasingly outrageous things, usually along racist, xenophobic and extremely violent lines. Now, in the run up to the presidential election that is due to be held in November of next year, that kind of thing is starting up again. Trump is holding rallies and trying to win over voters by catching their attention by embracing the most appalling right wing rhetoric imaginable, and it seems there are no limits to how far he will go this time:

With an assist from one of his fans, President Donald Trump turned the idea of shooting migrants and asylum seekers who try to cross the southern border into a punchline during his campaign speech on Wednesday evening in Panama City Beach, Florida. Referring to border agents who deal with undocumented border crossers, Trump brought up the possibility of using deadly force, but quickly ruled out the idea, saying he “would never do that.”

“And don’t forget — we don’t let them and we can’t let them use weapons. We can’t,” Trump said. “Other countries do. We can’t. I would never do that. But how do you stop these people? You can’t. There’s—” Before Trump could finish his thought, a woman in the audience yelled out. While it was unclear exactly what she said during television coverage of the event, numerous eyewitnesses reported she said, “Shoot them!” Trump apparently found the suggestion amusing. He gestured at the person who yelled and said, “That’s only in the Panhandle, you can get away with that statement. Only in the Panhandle!”

As Blue Side Nation reported not long ago, research has shown that this kind of rhetoric coming from senior figures leads directly to a substantial increase in racism and crimes motivated by hatred being committed on the streets of America. It ought to be no surprise, then, that when a President of the United States and leader of the free world thinks it is funny to joke about shooting migrants, hate crimes rates shoot up. And yet, the President simply dismisses all of this factual scientific information as “fake news”, and continues with his rallies, stirring up hate in all corners of our country and polarizing communities along racial lines.





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