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Watch Trump Have An Embarrassing Crisis In Front Of World Leaders



Sometimes in politics, things happen that just seem totally unbelievable. We all know that President Donald Trump is totally incompetent, but there are some things that even he would just never do. Right?

One of those things, you might think, would be attending a very major, high profile meeting of world leaders, shaking hands with one of them on stage and then saying “Get me out of here!” and just fleeing the scene. Oh, and it’s all on camera. Totally ridiculous, right?

Wrong. That is exactly what Donald Trump, President of the United States and de facto leader of the free world, just did.

The G20 is a meeting of many world leaders which is always a very high profile event. It matters, because everyone is watching. At a recent G20 meeting, President Trump appeared alongside the President of Argentina. But his appearance was much briefer than had been expected. He walked on to the stage, shook hands with him, and instead of staying, smiling at the cameras and talking to him, as everyone else at these meetings always does, he simply wandered off the stage.

That’s right. With the whole world watching, Trump just left.

Even more embarrassingly, he apparently was not aware that his mic was still on when he had left the stage. As a result, he was recorded saying “Get me out of here!” as he wandered off out of shot.

This is possibly the most unprofessional, least statesmanlike thing I have ever seen a world leader do. And this guy thinks he can run for a second term.





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