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What Do You Think Is Missing From This Photo From The Caucus On Women’s Rights?



Women’s health, along with women’s right of any kind, is a massive issue these days. Especially after the election of president orange leather bag. He’s a womanizer and the GOP hates the thought of women being equal to men in any way shape or form.

But there can’t possibly be a caucus on women’s rights without any women on it? Right? There must me someone, even if it’s the moronic Betsy DeVos or Kellyanne Conway (God forbid), that could represent the women, right?

Are you ready? Get ready. This is appalling.

What’s wrong with this picture? If you guessed not a single woman in the room then you wine a prize! What’s the prize? How about another angle of the room. Surely there must be a woman in the room somewhere. Right?

Nope. Not one. And look! They’re applauding the biggest degrader of women on the planet. This was all part of the Obamacae repeal process. And you know what they were deciding? If maternity and mammograms were essential treatments. How about yes. They are. You complete morons!

Isn’t this just typical of the GOP? They say one thing and do the other. It’s always about exclusion rather than inclusion.

And we’re all sick of it.

h/t: Mother Jones






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