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What John Kelly Just Said Shows He And The Entire Trump Administration Are Completely Delusional



Alright Kelly, tell us how you really feel! While answering a question from the Los Angeles Times after a news conference in Vietnam on Sunday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly explained his method for dealing with Trump’s ever-present tweets.

“I don’t allow the staff to [react to Trump’s tweets.] We know what we’re doing,” Kelly said.

“Believe it or not, I do not follow the tweets,” said Kelly. “I find out about them. But for our purposes, my purpose, is we make sure the president is briefed up on what he’s about to do.”

If John Kelly is telling us to ignore Trump’s tweets, then we really should pay them no mind. But, that’s not what Kim Jong Un thinks when he sees Trump tweets. He things they are all out denouncements of his character, and in some cases, provocation for war.

Kelly’s response comes after Trump tweeted on Saturday, once again, backhandedly insulting the North Korean dictator, all because Kim Jong Un called him “an old lunatic” and a “warmonger.” Which he totally is, but since Trump can’t possibly ever look weak, he retorted back in the best way he knows how.

Maybe someday indeed. He also called our all his “haters” and “fools” for not realizing what he has known about Russia all along, duh.

I would personally love to take a lesson out of Kelly’s playbook just this once. If he can ignore the President’s inane tweeting habit, maybe there is hope of the rest of us.





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