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What The White House Did To Steve Bannon Before House Meeting Proves They Are Hiding Something



Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon refused to answer questions asked by the House Intelligence Committing, invoking executive privilege. Executive privilege allows specific members of the executive branch to ignore subpoenas if it’s to protect the confidentiality of the branch, according to the New York Times.

Bannon met with the Intelligence Committee for close to 10 hours on Tuesday. During what had to have been a frustrating ordeal for Representative Adam Schiff who conducted the meeting, Bannon refused to answer questions about his role as a senior member of the Trump administration.

After the meeting concluded, Schiff told the media.

“He quickly informed through his counsel to the committee that he was not going to answer questions that pertained to meetings, conversations, events, etc., that took place either during the transition or while he was part of the administration. They went back to the White House and got the same instruction again, basically…putting the gag rule in place.”

The story here isn’t that Bannon refused to answer questions on his own, it was the White House issued a gag order on him. This gag order could place Bannon in contempt of Congress, according to Representative Jim Himes. Himes also told CNN, “While we were able to ask and answer a lot of different kinds of questions, there were an awful lot of questions we weren’t able to answer based on this very novel theory of executive privilege.”

While Bannon wasn’t forthright with his answers to the House Intelligence Committee, his meeting with Robert Mueller might be a different story. In fact, the Daily Beast reported Bannon won’t abide by the terms of Trump’s executive privilege.

The problem with all this goes back to the White House’s order to gag Bannon. Trump said his administration has nothing to hide and he wants to be open to get this investigation over with. Yet, when that opportunity comes, he silences a former member of his team behind the guise of executive privilege. If there was nothing to hide, why place the gag order?





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