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When Trump Trashed UK Healthcare The British Fired Back With A Brutal Response



President Donald Trump is the master of deception. Recently, he used Twitter to express how “well” universal healthcare is working in the United Kingdom.

As so often the case with Trump, this isn’t the truth at all. Common Dreams reports that thousands marched in London over the past weekend to ask for more National Health Service funding. The funding for the NHS has been cut thanks to British Conservatives’ attempt to privatize it. Multiple people took to Twitter to defend how the NHS system is much better than the American system.

Of note was British journalist David Ottwell. He tweeted that the poor in Britain didn’t have to win the lottery to afford medical care. And he’s right. It’s ridiculous to read that people who have health insurance still have to file for bankruptcy in the United States, but this is the sad reality.

Our country places profits over health. It’s a reason why Trump wanted to repeal Obamacare. If his repeal would have passed, it could have resulted in as many as 32 million people losing their health insurance.

While Trump wants to take coverage away, Bernie Sanders introduced a Medicare for All bill that’s picking up popularity among many Democrats and those that are sick and tired of paying for health insurance premiums that provide them with fewer coverages and higher bills. The AP released a poll stating 62 percent of Americans believe it is the federal government’s responsibility to ensure everyone has healthcare coverage.

Even at one point, Trump agreed with this sentiment. Before taking office he said he wanted to make sure everyone had health insurance. James Cook reports that in 2015 Trump praised Scotland’s National Health System, calling it great.

Yet, as so often is the case with politicians like Trump, they say one thing and do the other.





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