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White House Insiders Go Against Trump’s Wishes And Reveal How He Really Feels About The Mueller Report



President Donald Trump has been forced to deny being an active Russin agent, whilst also serving as a sitting President of the United States and leader of the free world. He has had to defend his son meeting with representatives of the Kremlin promising damaging material on his Democratic election rival Hillary Clinton. Former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III has spent the last two and a bit years investigating every miniscule aspect of that entire election campaign, and in the process indicting a huge amount of top Trump allies. And recently, the entire Mueller report was made public.

Somehow, though, thanks to the fact that Trump and his cronies control the right wing Washington establishment, there has been so much spin that Trump has made it seem like he is in the clear. Attorney General Bill Barr completely disregarded any pretense of impartiality and dismissed enormous parts of the Mueller report, insisting that Trump is innocent. The reality, of course, is that everyone can see how desperate an attempt this is to hide the truth. CNN‘s Abby Phillip revealed what is really going on in the White House these days in the most brutal of ways:

“White House aides are waiting for this report, just like we are, anticipating it will contain nitty-gritty details that will become very problematic for President Trump. The president has been saying publicly and privately that he thinks the report ultimately will exonerate him on collusion and obstruction, but aides are worried about what it might say about how he conducts business here in this White House. These people are worried that the president’s mood about this report might change the minute that it becomes public. It will be challenging, these aides believe, for the White House to deny these stories or call them a mischaracterization of what’s going on.”

That’s right. Trump himself has expressed to his aides how concerned he was about the contents of the Mueller report before it was even published. Now that it has been published, he has to keep a straight face in public, but we can be sure that those worries will have boiled on into a complete and total panic behind closed doors, because the President knows as well as anyone else that a sitting President simply cannot survive what he will now have to go through. President Trump’s days in the Oval Office are numbered.





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