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White House Launches Desperate Attack On Democrats House After Panic Over 2020 Election



As we lead up to the pivotal presidential election of 2020, it is fascinating to what Republicans and senior Trump supporting figures start to descend into panic as they realize that Donald Trump has done more damage to their brand during his time as President of the United States and leader of the free world than they ever could have imagined.

As a result, those senior GOP figures are now launching desperate last minute attacks on Democrats. In particular, Vice President Mike Pence at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently tried (and failed) to take down the Democrats by attempting to frame the next election as a choice “between freedom and socialism, between personal responsibility and government dependence.” He continued: “The moment America becomes a socialist country is the moment America ceases to be America.”

Continuing in his vain, aimless and nonsensical attack on policies based on fairness and equality, Pence tried to criticize the Medicare For All plan and the Green New Deal. He said that the former really means “quality health care for none” and went on to claim that “the only green thing” about the economic plan that is making waves across Capitol Hill “is how much green it’s going to cost taxpayers if we do it: 90 trillion dollars”.

He offered no explanation as to why it is supposedly a good thing now that millions of Americans have zero access to health care, nor did he suggest what figure he would be willing to pay to prevent the planet we live on being literally destroyed.

Pence was, of course, not the only one making these ludicrous claims in a desperate attempt to discredit the Democrats ahead of the presidential electio next year. American Action Forum is a think tank and lobby group that is closely linked to the GOP, and it has claimed that the Green New Deal could cost anything between 51 and 93 trillion dollars.

However, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, the barnstorming Democrat who first proposed the plan along with her colleague Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts, said that it would simply be “the same way we paid for the original New Deal, World War II, the bank bailouts, tax cuts for the rich and decades of war — with public money appropriated by Congress.”

Nonetheless, the obviously desperate and panicked rhetoric from the right leaning media and political establishment continued unabated. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said: “[Trump should] put socialism on trial and then convict it.”

Will they ever learn?





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