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White House Planning For Mass Exodus From Trump If GOP Loses The House In Midterms



It’s nearly that time, people. The midterm elections are so close we can almost touch them.

Not long ago, Blue Side Nation reported that several senior officials in the Trump administration are planning to resign immediately after the midterms, which would be a major blow to Trump’s already bruised presidency if it turns out to be true.

New revelations have shed even more light on the current state of affairs, and it is not looking good for Trump in the slightest. Reports suggest that senior White House aides and advisers are now actively preparing for Republicans to lose control of the House and be hit with a mass exodus from the administration pretty much all at once. They have essentially resigned themselves to the catastrophic reality and are now engaging in panic-fuelled attempts at damage control.

Remember when all those senior GOP figures, Trump especially, couldn’t stop talking about the so-called “Red Wave”? This phrase was confidently trotted out at every policy speech and campaign rally, wherever they could possibly fit it in. Now, though, you never hear it. In fact, the last time Trump said it publicly was all the way back in August. All the signs suggest that these guys know full well that they are going to take a serious blow very soon.

It seems that there are three scenarios that the GOP have accepted are likely to happen and that they are now trying to prepare for. Firstly, they think they will probably lose Republican control of the House of Representatives (which, by the way, Blue Side Nation called back in September). Second, they expect an exodus of concerned staff members to abandon the administration. Third, and perhaps most worryingly of all the for them, the White House is apparently bracing for a torrent of subpoenas from various Democratic congressional investigators looking to take advantage of their newfound leg-up and step up their attacks on the President.

Director of Political Affairs at the White House, Bill Stepien, is at the heart of setting up these plans for damage control post-midterms. It seems like his approach if things go south might be to throw Trump under the bus if the GOP loses the House (according to a leaked memo) which would be quite something. If you thought Trump’s White House was chaotic before, just wait until civil war really breaks out in there.

Trump has apparently been panicking in private too. Internal reports suggest that he has been openly angry about an apparent lack of fundraising in the Republican party, though he is determined to fight to the end.

Bring on the Blue Wave!





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