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White House Whistleblower Goes Public, Unleashes A Torrent Of Problems For Trump And Administration



You might expect that President Donald Trump might be on something of a high point right now. The Mueller report looks like it may not be published and he might just get away with never really answerign the whole collusion question, with the help of his loyal ally, Attorney General Bill Barr. However, if he was having a momentary good time in his presidency, that has all just been shattered by a jaw dropping new report. A former senior aide and close adviser to Trump in the White House has just revealed a huge amount of damning information about what he has been getting up to behind closed doors during his time as President of the United States and leader of the free world. Tricia Newbold has not only made allegations to the press but has now submitted a formal testimony which contains a huge amount of extremely concerning allegations to do with national security, among various other areas:

A White House Personnel Security Office employee is alleging that senior Trump administration officials often rebuffed national security concerns to grant high-level security clearances to people who initially were denied access to top-secret information, a pattern she described as troubling and one she said continued for months. That employee, Tricia Newbold, laid out a series of explosive allegations, often implicating Carl Kline, the former White House personnel security chief. She kept a list of White House officials whose clearance applications initially were denied but eventually overruled, and said the list includes as many as 25 people, some of whom had daily access to the president.

“According to Ms. Newbold, these individuals had a wide range of serious disqualifying issues involving foreign influence, conflicts of interest, concerning personal conduct, financial problems, drug use, and criminal conduct,” aides wrote in the 10-page memo, summarizing Newbold’s testimony. Newbold, who sat for an interview with the House Oversight and Reform Committee on March 23 about the Trump administration’s security clearance process, is the highest-ranking White House official to speak out about the issue which has come under the intense scrutiny of lawmakers. She told the committee that coming to Congress was her “last hope” to bring “integrity” back to her office, noting that her internal complaints were ignored even as she amassed a list of more than two dozen officials whose clearances were approved despite initial denial.

That’s right. All of that information is now in the hands of the Democrat-controlled Congress. The days of this presidency are numbered.





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