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Will Trump Fire Jeff Sessions?



Trump is an exception to the adage about keeping one’s friends close and enemies closer.

The President just keeps everyone close and is willing to dispose of any and all. Jeff Sessions was awarded his lofty job as Attorney General as a token of gratitude; having been one of Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters.

But based on recent tweets, the President directly blames the Justice Department for the most recent failure to have his “Travel Ban” upheld by the courts.

Can Sessions feel the bulls-eye on his back right now? Is this even about the travel ban, or does Jeff Sessions find himself the target of the President’s ire because of his recusal from the ongoing investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election?

James Comey’s dismissal amid reports that he refused to “pledge loyalty,” coupled with the appearance that Sessions now finds himself on the chopping block just reinforces what we already know.

This President — who rode a wave of celebrity predicated on his persona as a dictatorial blowhard who loves nothing more than firing people — is actually a dictatorial blowhard who loves nothing more than firing people.

Is anyone surprised?





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