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Yet Another Senior Official In The Trump Administration Is Guilty Of Sexual Harassment



It is perfectly obvious to anyone paying any attention to the current state of American politics that President Donald Trump has zero respect for women. Over the last two and a bit years that he has held the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world, and indeed in the months leading up to that when he was running his populist campaign, more and more stories have emerged demonstrating the appalling misogyny that this man espouses. He personally has dozens of sexual harassment and assault allegations to his name, none of which have been properly investigated or followed up at the time of writing. Yet, he somehow continues to rule over us from the Oval Office unabated.

This is the man who was revealed to have boasted about physically assaulting women on a leaked tape. It is the man who pushed through the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court, dismissing sexual assault testimonies from multiple women without proper investigation. This is the man who has consistently undermined basic women’s rights through reactionary and inflammatory rhetoric. And perhaps most damagingly of all, this is the man who has persistently appointed his cronies to senior positions across his administration despite them having horrific sexual assault stories attached to their names. This latest report reveals yet another horrifying instance of this within a federal agency under Trump’s rule:

President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in his previous job was the chief executive of a company with “widespread sexual harassment,” according to a federal workplace investigation. AccuWeather, a commercial weather forecasting company and federal contractor, was home to sexual harassment “so severe and pervasive, that some female employees resigned,” according to a Department of Labor report, which is dated January 2018 but only recently surfaced. AccuWeather’s chief executive at the time, Barry Myers, has since been nominated to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“Over two dozen witnesses spanning many different departments and in positions ranging from administrative support to senior management described unlawful sexual harassment that occurred at the company,” the investigation found. In one of the report’s examples, a high-profile male employee in the digital media content and operations department sexually harassed female employees by touching, hugging and kissing them on the mouth without consent.

That’s right. Not only did these Trump appointee commit these assaults, but the report detailing it all was mysteriously buried. How much longer can this go on?





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